Ports and Technology: Now What?

Konrad Mech, CD, P.Eng., PMP, BEng, BA, MBA Sales Director, Coasts, Ports and Inland Waterways /Kongsberg Maritime Canada Ltd.

In Saipan, Konrad Mech spoke about trends affecting ports, and the similarities and differences that influence management decisions of each unique Pacific Port.  That presentation concluded with a tool kit to help port managers make great decisions about their infrastructure.  In this presentation, Konrad expands on the trends that place competing demands on budgets and personnel resources.  What’s more important – inspecting and repairing piles?  Repaving the deck?  Upgrading Ship-to-Shore and gantry cranes?  Does it make more sense to hire contractors and professionals, or do you train up and invest in your own equipment?  Konrad provides a framework for project decisions, so that port owners, stakeholders, contractors and service providers are aligned.  In the end, it’s all about the workflow.