Yoss Leclerc

  • President
  • International Harbour Masters Association

Captain Yoss Leclerc has over 30 years of experience in the maritime, logistics, transport and port industries.

During his career at sea, Captain Yoss Leclerc was specialized in gas carriers (LNG, LPG), chemicals and oil tankers. Ashore, he has had the opportunity to work and collaborate in the strategic development of several major Canadian ports, such as the port of Metro Vancouver and the Port of Montreal.

During his many years in the maritime sector, he used his experience to develop durable solutions in response to a multitude of complex and diverse problems related to safety, security, emergency preparedness, Environmental protection and project management.

Recently, as Vice-president and chief maritime operations of the Quebec Port Authority, he led the development of the port safety management system, including the management and optimization of inland waterways, and the implementation of the port’s environmental impact assessment process.

His role as Vice-President of the International Harbour Masters Association enables him to work on various international maritime issues with international organizations such as IMO, ILO, IPA and PAINC.

Yoss holds a master’s certificate (FG), a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in logistics and transportation from the University of Montréal. Yoss also sits on the board of Directors of the International Sailor Society of Canada.